Josh Howard Apologizes for Off-Court Actions

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Josh Howard Quotes from Media Day September 29,2008

“I would like to state that I really and truly am sorry for everything that has happened in the past five months with me. This is not the way I carry myself. This is not how I want to be portrayed. I truly am sorry to everybody that I have offended. I am upset with myself and the way that I have acted in the past few months. I truly and really am sorry.”

On when he realized he was wrong:

“Off the bat, I realized I was wrong and I didn’t do anything to correct it. I just let a lot of stuff go. It just wasn’t me. I’m really, really upset about it and I am just trying to move forward.”

On the National Anthem comments:

“It was me joking around. Guys were out there making fun and I decided to go along in it. I wasn’t using my head. A valuable lesson that I have learned in this is that words really do hurt and you are held accountable for what you say. That’s not me. I know a lot of you have seen a lot of me the past six years and you know that is not me. I am looking forward to a great start and using all of this as motivation to help this team out.”

On whether he is proud of his country or not:

“Of course… I went to military school and have friends that serve in the military. I know what it is like to wake up and salute the flag. During the National Anthem every game I hold my hand over my heart. It is nothing new to me. It was just me not thinking.”

On his level of motivation to clean the slate:

“I have the biggest block on my shoulder that I plan on knocking off. I want people to know that this is the same Josh Howard that came into this league and helped the Dallas Mavericks succeed. That is where I want to get back to.”

On his fans:

“I sincerely hope that there is a way that I can win them back. I will try to win them back. Whatever it takes for me to do that, I will do it.”

On if he feels betrayed by the friends who released the clip:

“To be honest, I didn’t know the guy. It is just something that popped up and I have to deal with.”

On the delay in apology:

“I think this is the perfect opportunity (media day). Everyone is here and there is nowhere to hide. I made a mistake. I am ready to move forward. It is time for basketball and I have big plans for this season.”

On where he was when he heard his comments were made public:

“I was on my way back to North Carolina when I got a phone call. I was surprised. It was out and I didn’t know, but it all goes back to the fact that I should have known my surroundings. At the end of the day, I shouldn’t have been goofing off during the national anthem.”

On what things contributed to his actions:

“There is a thin line between personal life and basketball. I tried not to bring my personal life into it. I just wasn’t being the Josh Howard that you have known me to be.”

On if he lost focus last season:

“Yes, I lost focus. But, I know who I am and I just wasn’t being myself.”

On making a transition to Jason Kidd’s arrival:

“Just having him around coming into this training camp will be a big help to us. Kidd is an excellent player. He is a Hall-of-Famer. I am not taking anything away from Devin Harris, but there’s a big opportunity for this team. This is one of the most athletic teams I have been on since I have been here. I think Kidd is going to really help us out.”

On if he will benefit from playing with Jason Kidd:

“I feel like I am going to benefit from him. With the trade, timing and things going on with me personally I feel like things didn’t mesh. We are looking for big things this year and the sky is the limit for us.”

On his role on this team:

“We added a lot of athletes. We are a more athletic team. My role will be to distribute the ball and to take more pressure off Dirk and Kidd. I feel like I have always been consistent and I want to keep that going.”

On his play at the end of last season:

“If anything, it just goes back to the last five months and me not concentrating on my job.”

On the organization’s support:

“When all of this came out, (Mark Cuban, Donnie Nelson and Rick Carlisle) all had my back from the jump. That is one thing that I really and truly do appreciate from those guys. They could have easily said, ‘the hell with you’ and let whatever happens happen. I had conversations with all three of them and they kept me motivated and confident.”

On if he received any suggestions on how to handle the situation:

“Oh, yes. I think I received over a million suggestions. I think that is another reason it took so long for me to want to respond. As you know, I have heard just about everything you can possibly hear.”

On Rick Carlisle:

“I spent a lot of time with him this summer and he has helped me simplify my game. I know that people got tired of seeing my step-back jump shot so I have added some more stuff with his help.”

On his apology not sounding rehearsed:

“This is me. All the things that have happened over the past five months, well this is Josh speaking now. I turned to my family and they have helped me out.”

On his reception by the fans

“I have to deal with it. I want to let my game do the talking.”

On how the last five months has effected him:

“I know that that was not me. I love this country. If it wasn’t for this country I wouldn’t be playing basketball or out here speaking with you. For me to have the opportunity is the greatest. I want to end it by saying that that was not Josh Howard. That wasn’t me. That was an idiot.”