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Go Josh!

goo jho!!!!!!!!

Keep working and improving. Help the Mavs win a championship. I heart you Josh.


I hope all is well? Just a note to say Hi & let you know everyone, Winston-Salem Recreation and Parks Department are watching and following you. Keep up the hard work and we look forward to seeing you in the All-Star Game.

Little Todd


Good afternoon,

Thank you for being the owner, and coach for the Mavs. I am speaking for the fans and looking at the games from a objective position. I have no favorite player, I recently moved to Texas, so I am speaking from a MUST WIN POSITION. Joshua Howard do not want to be in the game. He is venting from Devin Harris being traded. Evidence. He tells the radio media the smokes pot. Who asked and who really cares. Why expose this information now and at such a crucial time? Does he wear contacts, or need some. Any one of your players on the side line can see the basket a little clearer that Mr. Joshua Howard. I am 5' 2' I can see the basket and make a basket with Dirk standing infront of me better that Joshua can in a open lane right now.

Trust me his objective is to get traded by forcing a lose for the Mavs and Mavs Fan. If you what to win this game and possible the 1st round. PLEASE DO NOT PUT JOSHUA HOWARD IN THE GAME. IF YOU DO YOU ARE GUARANTEE A SPEEDY EXIT.