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  • 1983 Mark Aguirre had 40 points, the eighth time a Mavs player had 40+ points and the sixth of 22 times Aguirre had 40+ points with Dallas. He also had 40 points the previous night, the first time a Mavs player had back-to-back 40+ points.
  • 1987 James Donaldson had 20 rebounds, the 12th time a Mavs player had 20+ rebounds and the ninth of 13 times Donaldson had 20+ rebounds with Dallas.
  • 1999 Michael Finley had a triple-double with 33 points, 14 rebounds, and 10 assists. It was the 21st time a Mavs player had a triple-double and the third of 6 times Finley had a triple-double with Dallas.
  • 2001 Dirk Nowitzki left the Portland game in the second quarter after aggravating his sprained left ankle and did not return. He did not miss any other games due to the injury.
  • 2001 Michael Finley bumped heads with Derek Anderson at the end of the Portland game (22 seconds left), left the game, and received three stitches above his right eye. He would not miss any games due to the injury.
  • 2010 Dallas opened the game with a 29-4 run and held on to defeat the Utah Jazz 103-97. The win game the Dallas Mavericks franchise an all-time record of 1226-1225. The first time the Mavs have been over .500 since they were 1-0 after winning their first-ever game against San Antonio in 1980.
  • 2011 The Mavericks acquired forward Lamar Odom, a 2012 second round draft pick and other second round considerations in 2012 from the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for a protected first round draft pick.
  • 2011 Signed free agent guard Drew Neitzel.

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