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  • 1985 Brad Davis had 17 assists, the sixth time a Mavs player had 15+ assists and the fifth of six times Davis had 15+ assists with Dallas.
  • 1994 Shaquille O'Neal (Orl) had a 20-20 with 34 points and 21 rebounds.It was the 19th time a Mavs opponent had a 20-20 and the first of three times O'Neal had a 20-20 against Dallas. It was the 33rd time a Mavs opponent had 20+ rebounds and the first of three times O'Neal had 20+ rebounds against Dallas.
  • 2003 Steve Nash had 12 points in overtime, tying the team record for most points scored in an overtime period.
  • 2008 Activated Devean George and placed Jamaal Magloire (no injury) on IL. George had been on IL for six days (three games) with back spasms. Magloire was activated nine days (five games) later.
  • 2014 Vince Carter became the 27th player in NBA history to eclipse the 23,000-point mark in Dallas' 109-86 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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